Intelligent Marketing Automation

Revolutionize Your Funnels with AI-driven Interactions

Deploy intelligent chatbots that integrate seamlessly into your business workflow in minutes.

Seamless Tool Integration

Meet Bookli - Your New AI-powered Business Partner

Elevate sales and stay ahead in the competitive market by being among the first to benefit from our game-changing solutions.

Tailored Interactions to Meet Your Business Objectives

Lead qualification

Say goodbye to unqualified leads. Simply describe your ideal client, and our AI will determine their qualification based on your criteria.

Appointment Setting

Choose appointment setting as your goal, and Bookli will check your calendar to schedule appointments in real time.

Customer Support

Easily set up customer support at any funnel stage in just a few clicks. Provide instant assistance to all your customers with your preferred settings.

It's Now Simpler Than Ever to Enhance Your Funnel with Conversational AI!

Enhance interactions instantly with our easy-to-use platform, boosting engagement and satisfaction with minimal setup.

Workflow Reinvented

Effortlessly Create Conversational AI
in 7 Simple Steps

Our straightforward 7-step process guides you from initial setup to final deployment, integrating seamlessly with tools like Zapier and WhatsApp.

Configure your AI to handle appointments, support, and more—no tech expertise required!

Transform your business communications efficiently and effectively with Bookli.

Integrates with all your favorite Apps!

Our Conversational AI software seamlessly integrates with an extensive array of popular apps including Slack, Zapier, Pabbly, Make, Meta platforms, Calendar apps, and many more!


Error-Free Interactions

The conversation will automatically pause if the AI does not know how to respond, if the user explicitly or implicitly requests human assistance, or if the AI receives any media (photos, videos, or audio). You will be notified automatically in these cases.

AI Automations

Built-in Conversational Actions and Events

Our chatbots do more than just talk; they act by triggering real-time actions within your existing systems, based on customer dialogues. For example, they can analyze sentiment to determine if it is positive or negative, schedule appointments, or assess whether a lead is qualified, among other functions.

Template Library

Things you can do with Bookli

Some of the conversational tasks you can automate with bookli